Our Pink Tent

Overcome the Pregnancy and Birth Overwhelm Through a Community of Support!

Hey there...

Wow. Pregnancy. You feel afraid that you won't be able to cope. Fear of the birth feels suffocating. And what the heck are supposed to do with the "bundle of joy" when you come home? 

You are frustrated, irritated, discouraged, completely overwhelmed and totally insecure. You don't feel heard or understood, but you know you aren’t the first woman to give birth, so why is this so hard??

Guess what? You aren't alone in feeling this way.
Everyone else looks like they have their act together.
But guess what, they really don't... 

You don't have to be alone.
You don't have to Google at 1:00 am.
You don't have to cry by yourself.
You don't have to feel hopeless or stuck. 

We've got you! We get it and you're never going to be alone again
because you found us. 

Welcome to the pink tent! 
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How we come together

Through Birth

You won't be alone at the birth either. With the pink tent, you'll have your perfect birth doula joining your birth team. She'll care for you individually - body, mind, and soul!

Through Tent Events

You found the Pink Tent. From this moment on, you're part of this tent. We're not crazy. We don't have all the answers all the time, but what we have, hands down, is the most powerfully supportive gathering of incredible mamas. We are always there for each other. 

So let's get you in!
You'll get perfect support at the circles, make friends at the playdates and have your soul filled at the retreats.

Through Postpartum

Postpartum planning is critical and we guide you through every step. 

For example, many people look at their wedding day as the pinnacle of their relationship. But what happens during the first year of marriage? Birth is sometimes the same way. Everyone focuses on the beautiful belly and cute baby but then what? mom is left to navigate postpartum alone. This isn't ok. 

The Pink Tent helps you build you up so your transition into motherhood or adding a new sibling issmooth and confident. Postpartum can be an incredibly amazing experience andhaving the right people in your circle make all the difference.

Why the Pink Tent?

Hey! I'm Meradith... I've been in your shoes.

I wasn't even a young mother. It was my 4th baby. I thought that I had experienced it all. With my first little, postpartum depression mixed with OCD. My second had the same flavor with a bit more of those ugly thoughts... you know the ones? They come out of nowhere and take your breath away? The thoughts that terrify you and wake you up? My third came around and the loss of sleep was so overwhelming. I don't think I shut my eyes for 3 days. When sleep finally came I felt like I couldn't get enough. Then came my son... my fourth kiddo... I thought that I would be fine. I thought that I would be able to handle things. And for 3 days, I did. I was unstoppable. I was flying high then the crash. 

I will never forget the moment that the crash happened. It was fast and furious. I was desperate for help. Willing to do whatever it took to stop the feeling of alone and overwhelm that was consuming me. I went to my check up and asked my midwife for help. Told her scary things that were going round and round my head. I hadn't slept. To be honest, I looked scary and withdrawn. I don't even know where my baby was during this whole thing. And then my midwife offered hey "help". She told me if I didn't snap out of it, they would come and have to take my kids. She said my worst fear and why I never opened up about those scary thoughts, or how much I struggled. 

I immediately stopped crying. Wiped the tears. Told her I was fine and walked out her door. Never to return. Never getting help. I came home. Shut my door. And suffered through the worst postpartum of my life. If my midwife was going to take my kids, then someone else would too. I made sure I looked fine from thereon, all the while screaming inside for anyone to help me! 

Never ever does any mother deserve or have to suffer like this. Yet it happens all too often. From the well-meaning but not helpful family or friends to the downright dangerous and scary threats of child protective services. It's not ok and it has to stop. 

What makes it stop? Women need a safe place to be seen, heard and help. I'm passionate about creating spaces for women to experience postpartum they way it should be experienced - surrounded by support and resources to heal and thrive. 

Unfortunately, my story isn't unique. But postpartum Pink Tents are the answer to making sure our sisters, daughters, and granddaughters don't suffer like we did.

Safety, Community and Education For the Pregnant Woman

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